The Easiest DIY Stepping Stones Techniques

The Easiest DIY Stepping Stones Techniques

Taking up the garden stepping stones project can be a great handmade craft during your holidays. For that you definitely do not need to lighten your pockets. Here are some DIY stepping stones techniques with proper instructions.

1. To start with, take precaution for yourself and the work space. Lay down some newspapers or plastic sheets. Get yourselves goggles and gloves.

2. Get yourself a mould, like a cake pan, may be a heart shaped one or even a giant leaf which has superficial veins.

3. Following mix some concrete. Read carefully the instructions on the label. Be careful of the ratio of water and the constituent. It should not be stiff so that it can get the perfect mould.

4. Next, you will start pouring the mix with a spoon, once it is half way done level it and put some hardware cloth or some mesh for reinforcement and then keep pouring the mix until filled.

5. Tap around the exterior of the mould very gently to get rid of air bubbles if any. Keep it untouched and let it dry for around an hour and then you can go and add some embellishments or decorate it like hand prints or some patterns on the stepping stone.

6. If you make any errors while decorating, you can just level the top surface with spoon and start over again.

7. Now you got to let your stepping stone rest for around 3 days without any disturbance. No need to move it and that is why select your work space sincerely so that later you need not move it. After 3 days gently pop out the mould.

8. Now you can give the finishing touch by adding a coat of clear acrylic sealer or may be a coat of varnish for lustre. Then let it dry for another day and your DIY stepping stone is ready.

9. Don’t let it stay ½ inch above the ground level, so that people don’t trip over and fall.