The Best And Easiest DIY Raised Planters

A DIY raised planter is the perfect project for your weekends. It will be the ultimate problem solver as it will offer perfect drainage, easily accessible crops and protection from pests. Turn your backyard into your dream farm with the following DIY raised planter ideas.

  • Dresser garden- Convert an old dresser to a tiered garden. You can fill the drawers with mud and then plant in small plants in them but don’t forget to staple landscape fabric on the inside of the drawer before pouring the soil. Solid wood dressers are advisable to be used.
  • Bed of plants- Use an old box bed which are around 8*4 feet of dimension. If the bed is made of rot resistant wood then this bed of plants is sure to last for many seasons.
  • Plant Table- take two or three durable bins and place it in a wooden frame. Use salad table lifts to raise them above the ground for easy access and avoid pests. Fill in soil and put your favourite potted plants.
  • Vertical Garden- Line the interior of a reclaimed pallet with landscape fabric. Our soil into it and plant some herbs inside and lean it on the wall. Get a quick and easy DIY raised planter in hours.
  • Sack Garden- You can even directly plant herbs in a sack of mud. You can place the sacks on a raised platform or even just on the ground. The material of the sack will allow easy drainage of water.
  • Tyre garden- Use old tyres, line the inside with landscape fabric and fill soil up to the brim and you can literally plant any edibles in it. It is completely safe.
  • Water Trough garden- Use old water troughs which have developed leaks and are of no use to you. Fill in soil and plant you choice of herbs and get a DIY raised Planter.