Lighting is probably the best of ways to cast enchanting spells on an outdoor space. Indulge yourself in this DIY outdoor lighting project and create a distinctive mood in your front yard.

  • Tin Cans- Take empty tin cans, punch in several small holes around the surface. Be careful not to dent the can. Lit a candle and put it inside and get a starry lantern for an outdoor hanging.
  • Wine bottle Torches- Wine bottle torches are a great DIY outdoor lighting option. Apart from the elegant lighting and ambience it also sways away mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Paper Bags- Take those paper lunch bags, mark patterns and then cut out the designs. Our in some cereal or sand inside 1/3rd level. Place a votive candle and lit it. Use several of such luminaires and place them on your porch or walkway and enjoy a pleasant outdoor lighting.
  • Glass Jars- Pour salt in clear glass jars and place a votive candle inside. The salt will look like snow and give a festive appearance, but these pretty luminaires will look charming in all time around the year.
  • Colourful lighting- You can craft a colourful outdoor lighting by taking a glass jar and cut small pieces of coloured tissue papers and paste them on the glass with some glue solution. Place any candle inside and obtain a fantastic and colourful DIY outdoor lighting.
  • Paper lampshades- Cut patterns on paper and then twist it and forma lampshade. Make a string of several such lampshades and put a small bulb in each. Arrange the seating under their blooming glow.
  • Twine lanterns- Wrap a balloon with glue soaked twine criss-cross and around. Let it dry and pop the balloon. Spray paint the twine sphere and hang a lamp cord inside. Get an amazing web lighting in your garden.

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