Just like we find corkboards convenient to stick notes and pictures similarly they can act a good organiser for chains and necklaces hanged from pushpins. Discover some more DIY Jewellery Organisers from our list.

  • Twigs- Punch in holes in a wooden plank and push in some twigs and paint them. Feel free hanging your beads and necklaces. A cool display for your room.
  • Hanger- Screw in some eye hooks throughout the length of the wooden hanger and paint it silver. Put it on an exposed brick wall to obtain a classy and organised jewellery holder.
  • Window Pane- Take an old shabby window frame and if there isn’t mesh then put a layer of wire mesh and hang in your favourite chains and scarves and even sunglasses.
  • Animal Jewellery holder- Take mini animal toys, cut the animals halfway and glue them nicely on a wooden plank and screw it from behind the plank on each animal for better support and there you just made yourself a DIY Jewellery Organiser.
  • Frame Organiser- Go to the store room and give new life to any old frame. Paint it white and punch in some nails onto the surface and hang your stuff.
  • Glass and Tray- Stack your favourite plates with glasses in between and glue them nicely. Use of clear shot glasses will be better. Put your earrings, bracelets and anklets in various tiers and your cool DIY Jewellery Organiser is set.
  • Cutlery Tray Organiser- Cutlery trays are nicely compartmented. You can paste some clear door knobs or cup hooks. There you can neatly hang your necklaces and stuffs.
  • Paint Tray- Take a paint tray and give a clean white coat. Place different earrings in the various paint dents and get yourself a simple yet beautiful DIY Jewellery Organiser.

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