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20 DIY Memo Board Ideas

If you like to keep things simple and organized then you might be looking for a memo board. Nowadays, not many people use these boards because smartphones and computers have all of these things well covered. However, the memo boards still look cleaner and get the job done, with the help of these memo boards you can organize your life by making it schedule-oriented. DIY memo boards look a lot better than regular ones, mainly because of the fact that they have a touch of personalization.

If you like black, then you choose to make a black magnetic memo board, this can be done simply by taking any piece of black board or wood and attaching magnets of the back. Then you can use this board as a magnetic calendar or in any other way that you need. Another way to make a DIY memo board is to use steel sheets. This is perfect for those who like industrial home décor. Using steel sheet as a memo board results in a minimalist design that looks great.

Wood and metal are some of the most common materials that are used for making memo boards, this is because these materials look simply beautiful. Another memo board that you can use is a sticky not board. This memo board is simple a wooden board where you can stick notes which tells you the things that you need to do.

These were some DIY memo board ideas that can help you select the perfect memo board. A memo board can sometimes prove to be really helpful, after all you could stop using your smartphone once in a while and let your brain and eyes rest. These memo boards also behave as decorative pieces if you wish to make them beautiful by decorating them.


11 DIY Pallet Bars Are Sure To Be Cost-effective

Who does not like a bar in the outdoor area, but buying one is truly expensive. If you really wish to make it cost-effective, get some time from your busy schedule and try diy pallet bar.

The simplest is to make a diy pallet bar using wood pallets. Pick few free pallets or get one from an old hardware or furniture local shop. The wood pallets are all time favorites and popular. If you are able to get the wood pallets without spending anything just for free, then you have really done the best part.


Materials required:

  • 4 wood pallets
  • Paint or satin
  • Wood Screws
  • Outdoor boards

First, pick the wood pallets for free or by paying some negligible amount. Now paint them outside and if required on the inside as well. If you wish to give a rustic look, avoid painting the interiors and instead add a stain.

Allow the pallets to dry. Tie it to a post for security or you can secure them to the patio so that it does not fall down. Tying is a must as they are mostly light in weight wood pallets. Moreover, as you have painted them, if they fall, the dust will stick to the wet paint. Besides, the counter top will be heavy.

You may find a suitable outdoor board. This can also be one of your old patio pavers. It necessarily need not be new, but ensure it is heavy so that it does not fly away with the wind. If you consider the outdoor board or the patio paver looks dull, give a contrasting dark paint and let it dry, before placing it over your pallet bar.

Ensure the surrounding area looks good and position your diy pallet bar. You are sure to get order for more diy bars.


15 Pillow Cover Ideas That You Can Do It Yourself

In any room, one of the most important parts is the pillow covers that reflect the beauty of your bed and your taste of decoration. A beautiful and attractive pillow covers helps in bringing out the look of your bed sheet as well. For the people, who want to make their room look beautiful according to their desire, can design their own pillow covers at home with a little effort. For the diy pillow covers all you need to do is buy a good fabric, an old pillow, a measuring tape, scissor, pins and sewing machine with a thread of the fabric color.

Old fabric can also be used. One of an amazing idea about diy pillow covers is the envelop pillow cover. This is a very quick and easy way in incrementing the beauty of your room and your bed. If a person wants to re-decorate the room then this diy pillow cover is all that they need. One of the best things about this is it is very handy and easy to make. Moreover, it is very reasonable with little time and effort needed. Another creative idea about the diy pillow slipcover is the napkin folded pillowcase.

This a very unique and different style of pillow cover that are rarely seen. This kind of pillow cover is also very easy to make which can enhance the beauty of your room. In addition to this, ribbon pillows can also be easily made by using the old fabric and old pillow at home. This is one of the cutest covers that are mostly liked and preferred by girls to give their room a girly touch. By making self made pillow covers, one can also run his/her own business and earn a good amount.


17 DIY Toy Storage Projects That You Can Do It Yourself

Do it yourself basically known as Diy is an amazing technique to use your skills and transform old things into new ones. In a house with kids, there cannot be any empty place where their stuffed toys are not present. For a working mother, it gets difficult to clean the house and keep their toys safe. There are tons of diy toy storage solutions that parents can adopt in order to keep their children toys safe and clean. Sometimes, storing toys can be quite a task, especially that time when guests are coming over. One of the easiest diy solutions for storing the toys is to store them in a Chic. If you have a chic already build in your house you can put the toys on its above shelf and below.

Another amazing diy toy storage solution is by making a media centre at home. This media centre not only helps in storing the toys but also many other things like the DVD player, CDs, speakers and many more. This media centre can also be used for home decoration. In addition to these, peek a boo toy storage idea is another amazing technique for storing the toys. This is the cheapest solution ever which is very easy to make.

This idea includes transparent bags that are of big size which helps your child to have a clear view of their toys that will keep them patient and calm. Except for these, if you want to store hug amount of toys then wooden toy crate is the best solution. This toy crate can store almost all the toys in it. This wooden crate can also be designed according to your desire. However, there are loads of different diy ideas for storing the toys that are quit handy and can give a relief from the mess of toys at home.


18 Farmhouse Garden Benches In Hardwood Ensure Longer Lifetime

Farmhouse garden benches are also referred to as rustic garden furniture or benches in the olden days. These benches have a style and look distinctive. The farmhouse garden furniture is massive, coarse and heavy. It is hewn roughly, yet it lasts for a longer time.

Farmhouse garden furniture includes the complete set of furniture such as tables, benches, chairs and gazebos. Generally, the farmhouse garden benches are made of local wood or iron and they are rustic patio furniture. The patio furniture is a compliment and the farmhouses have indoor furniture as well in a finer style and less heavily, so that it is easily movable for cleaning.

Farmhouse garden benches are from local hardwood such as cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, beech or teak. Though cheaper is pine as it is softwood, but it fails to last for a longer time as the hardwood varieties, even if it is habitually maintained.

Hardwood furniture can be oiled, stained or varnished, though rubbing linseed oil is the best. In fact even a little bit of staining is good as it brings out the woods charming natural grains. The softwood is full of knots and so there is a need for giving it at least three coats of paint. But, if these knots are not a cause of worry, you may varnish it.

Hardwood contains natural oils in abundance in comparison to the softwood. But these oils mostly get killed as it is chopped down. In fact, the oil that is on the surface also gets dried outside in the sun and some gets sucked deeper inside. This makes the outside dry sooner or later.

Painting hardwood is best and most people prefer hardwood farmhouse garden benches as they have a beautiful grain. It looks attractive, lasts for your lifetime, difficult to steal and needs once a year few hours of maintenance.


14 Great DIY Backsplash Ideas

A kitchen is perhaps the most important room in a house, there are many things that you can do in order to make it look beautiful, but if keep your kitchen messy then all that beauty won’t help. A backsplash will make your kitchen look a lot better and will also help give it a cleaner look. A kitchen backlash is one of the best thing that you can do in order to make your kitchen better. Here you will find some great DIY backsplash ideas.

It is a good idea to have a backsplash that is made out of slate. Slate was once used heavily in the housing industry and now it is being used by people in kitchens. Slate has a dark black color with glitter, if you kitchen has light theme then slate will look even better.

Glass is perhaps one of the most common material that is used for making kitchen backsplash. Buying glass for your back splash is very easy, this is because glass tiles are available in most stores. Glass matches every color that might be present in your kitchen. Therefore, finding a good competition will not be easy.

Artificial Back Splash
You can also make an artificial back splash by painting, for those people who are not willing to spend a lot of money on back splashes this is the best option. All you need to is apply water proof paint and that will look like a back splash.

These were a few things that you should know about making a DIY back splash. These back splashes will help make your kitchen look a lot better and cleaner. A beautiful kitchen is necessary as it adds beauty to the house itself and if you have a beautiful kitchen then working in it will feel good.

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How To Make DIY Decorative Boxes?

When you are living in a home then you tend to lose your things quite often. This keeps on going for a long time and then finally you decide to make a permanent place for your stuff. This space is usually a simple box, the reason people choose boxes is that they are easy to find and are cheap. However, after sometime you will feel that the box is not good enough and looks kind of dull. This is where DIY decorative boxes come in, decorating boxes is not a very difficult task, all you need is some imagination and resources and your work will be done.

Making DIY decorative boxes is a very simple task, by making these boxes you have space for your things and also have a decorative piece. To make these boxes all you need is your imagination, choosing the design is very easy, mainly due to the fact that there are only a number of things that you can use in order decorate a box.

Boxes are available very easily, therefore you can do all this without any problems. All you need is a bit of tape, glue and most importantly a box and then you will be set to start making some beautiful DIY decorative boxes. You can choose from many different themes, for example if you like Christmas then you can choose to have a theme similar to it on the box.

These were a few things that you should know about DIY decorative boxes, doing it is fun and refreshing. It will allow your mind to open to creativity and create more and better designs. It is by far the easiest way to decorate any place, therefore, you should definitely consider making some DIY decorative boxes.

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How To Make String Art Letters?

Art is a very wide field, there are many types of art that you can find and do. However, some types of art are unique and known by many people. String art is something that has become very popular recently, especially if you are using social media like Pinterest then you will know. Making string art letters is very easy to do, only a few things are required to make it and in the end the finished product looks absolutely beautiful. Here you will find some things that you should know about making string art letters.

To begin with, first you need to decide that what letters you will be making. So for example if you have chosen the word “STRING” then write it down with a thick marker on a hard surface like cardboard. Make sure that the work is written clearly and each letter should be big in size, the outlines should also be visible. The next step after this is that you need to carefully place thumb pins or thumb nails along the outline of all the letters. The thumb pins should be evenly spaced so that no problems occur later on.

After this you need to select the strings that you need, by this it is meant that you should select the colors that you need. All that needs to be done now is that you need to carefully weave the string in a uniform manner on the thumb pins that you have attached. That is all, after this step you will have a complete work of art.

These were things that you should know about making string art letters, this is a unique way of writing things and can be used as decoration as well. You can also use it to write names on doors if you want.

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How To Reuse Old Windows?

Most people in the world want to keep their house updated and replace everything with a new one. Beautiful windows make up a beautiful house and as we are seeing it, new models come out each year and people just replace the old ones. If you have ever given a thought about reusing old windows then you would know its benefits. Most people just throw away the old windows or keep them in one corner. If you think about it, then one time will come when the wood on these windows will rot and the glass will break. Therefore it is better to reuse these windows, here you will find some ways to reuse old windows.

Old windows are normally made of pine wood, this type of wood itself has many uses. Many homes today are furnished with tables with unique designs. If you have a few old windows, then you can transform them into tables, this can be done by using the glass as the top of the table and the window panes as the legs. Just by reusing old windows you can have a DIY table that can be used for many purposes.

Another way of reusing old windows is to use them as decorative pieces. This means that you can polish all the wooden parts of the window to make it look cleaner and then you can paint on the glass. This is a difficult thing to do but if you know how to paint then the results will be pleasing.
These were some ways with which you can reuse old windows. Reusing is very different from recycling and if you are doing any one of these things then you are helping many people. Reused old windows can look great depending on the way they are reused.

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Make Beautiful DIY Paper Flowers

Paper is perhaps one of the most used product today, it has many applications and uses that make it all the more important. Origami is a skill that is being used by man for a very long time, it is a way in which paper is folded in various methods to create a specific figure. The most common figures that are made with Origami are planes and boats. If you like flowers, then you can make some artificial DIY paper flowers with the help of origami.

If you go online and search for paper flowers then you can find many websites where you can find great previews of paper flowers. This will give you an idea of what you are making and how you are going to do it. Christmas is the greatest time of the year, and many households tend to decorate their houses on this occasion. If you too want to decorate your house and give it a unique look, then you should consider using paper flowers for this purpose.

Paper is available very easy, therefore you can do all this very easily. All you need is a bit of tape, glue and most importantly paper and then you will be set to start making some beautiful paper flowers. Apart from Christmas flowers, you can also choose to make other types of flowers like Mexican flowers. These flowers are different in shape and size, but tend to look beautiful wherever you decide to put them.

These were a few things that you should know about DIY paper flowers, doing it is fun and refreshing. It will allow your mind to open to creativity and create more and better designs. It is by far the easiest way to decorate any place, therefore, you should definitely consider it.