How To Make String Art Letters?

Art is a very wide field, there are many types of art that you can find and do. However, some types of art are unique and known by many people. String art is something that has become very popular recently, especially if you are using social media like Pinterest then you will know. Making string art letters is very easy to do, only a few things are required to make it and in the end the finished product looks absolutely beautiful. Here you will find some things that you should know about making string art letters.

To begin with, first you need to decide that what letters you will be making. So for example if you have chosen the word “STRING” then write it down with a thick marker on a hard surface like cardboard. Make sure that the work is written clearly and each letter should be big in size, the outlines should also be visible. The next step after this is that you need to carefully place thumb pins or thumb nails along the outline of all the letters. The thumb pins should be evenly spaced so that no problems occur later on.

After this you need to select the strings that you need, by this it is meant that you should select the colors that you need. All that needs to be done now is that you need to carefully weave the string in a uniform manner on the thumb pins that you have attached. That is all, after this step you will have a complete work of art.

These were things that you should know about making string art letters, this is a unique way of writing things and can be used as decoration as well. You can also use it to write names on doors if you want.