18 Farmhouse Garden Benches In Hardwood Ensure Longer Lifetime

18 Farmhouse Garden Benches In Hardwood Ensure Longer Lifetime

Farmhouse garden benches are also referred to as rustic garden furniture or benches in the olden days. These benches have a style and look distinctive. The farmhouse garden furniture is massive, coarse and heavy. It is hewn roughly, yet it lasts for a longer time.

Farmhouse garden furniture includes the complete set of furniture such as tables, benches, chairs and gazebos. Generally, the farmhouse garden benches are made of local wood or iron and they are rustic patio furniture. The patio furniture is a compliment and the farmhouses have indoor furniture as well in a finer style and less heavily, so that it is easily movable for cleaning.

Farmhouse garden benches are from local hardwood such as cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, beech or teak. Though cheaper is pine as it is softwood, but it fails to last for a longer time as the hardwood varieties, even if it is habitually maintained.

Hardwood furniture can be oiled, stained or varnished, though rubbing linseed oil is the best. In fact even a little bit of staining is good as it brings out the woods charming natural grains. The softwood is full of knots and so there is a need for giving it at least three coats of paint. But, if these knots are not a cause of worry, you may varnish it.

Hardwood contains natural oils in abundance in comparison to the softwood. But these oils mostly get killed as it is chopped down. In fact, the oil that is on the surface also gets dried outside in the sun and some gets sucked deeper inside. This makes the outside dry sooner or later.

Painting hardwood is best and most people prefer hardwood farmhouse garden benches as they have a beautiful grain. It looks attractive, lasts for your lifetime, difficult to steal and needs once a year few hours of maintenance.