11 DIY Pallet Bars, Are Sure To Be Cost-effective

11 DIY Pallet Bars, Are Sure To Be Cost-effective

Who does not like a bar in the outdoor area, but buying one is truly expensive. If you really wish to make it cost-effective, get some time from your busy schedule and try diy pallet bar.

The simplest is to make a diy pallet bar using wood pallets. Pick few free pallets or get one from an old hardware or furniture local shop. The wood pallets are all time favorites and popular. If you are able to get the wood pallets without spending anything just for free, then you have really done the best part.


Materials required:

  • 4 wood pallets
  • Paint or satin
  • Wood Screws
  • Outdoor boards

First, pick the wood pallets for free or by paying some negligible amount. Now paint them outside and if required on the inside as well. If you wish to give a rustic look, avoid painting the interiors and instead add a stain.

Allow the pallets to dry. Tie it to a post for security or you can secure them to the patio so that it does not fall down. Tying is a must as they are mostly light in weight wood pallets. Moreover, as you have painted them, if they fall, the dust will stick to the wet paint. Besides, the counter top will be heavy.

You may find a suitable outdoor board. This can also be one of your old patio pavers. It necessarily need not be new, but ensure it is heavy so that it does not fly away with the wind. If you consider the outdoor board or the patio paver looks dull, give a contrasting dark paint and let it dry, before placing it over your pallet bar.

Ensure the surrounding area looks good and position your diy pallet bar. You are sure to get order for more diy bars.