13 DIY Christmas Wreaths To Elevate The Holiday Spirit

13 DIY Christmas Wreaths To Elevate The Holiday Spirit

Christmas is a holiday, vacation and the most festival time. With winter all around, making a Christmas wreath with the right supplies ensures a holiday spirit in a large dose. You can use basic techniques and make stunning diy Christmas wreaths. There is no limit, you can make from greenery to heirloom wreaths, it may be appropriate for the holiday season and also to be treasured for years.

Supplies required

  • Straw wreath form in 18 inch
  • 2 Tinsel garland of 20 foot lengths in two-inch
  • U pins
  • Gauge wire
  • Wire cutter
  • Ornaments

Start with one section and disperse ornaments around the wreath keeping a good color combination. Begin pinning the bulbs one-by-one with U pins to the wreath. Ascertain the cap is secure and stays firm on the ornament. In case you find it is a bit loose, use little glue to the ornament and secure it.

To make smaller versions of diy Christmas wreaths, use smaller wreath forms and smaller size bulbs. Besides, avoid using pins, instead glue the ornaments using hot glue. You can stick them directly to the straw wreaths. Pinning is certainly a very good option when you have treasured ornamental pieces that you are sentimentally attached. This is because on gluing, it is not always possible to take them out off the wreath.

Create multiple loops or one loop to hang. Wrap the gauge wire around the wreath and twist it. Use a wire cutter and cut to your desired length. Then wrap the tinsel garland around, securing at the mid-point, beginning and end with Upins.

Begin ornamenting at the inside first and around the edge. Tightly nestle balls and the best part about pinning is that your ornaments are safe and can be removed and kept safe for next year diy Christmas wreaths.