Doll houses are one of the favorite desire and a must have thing of every baby girl. For all the parents, buying a doll house for their little princess is a must thing. However, now, in spite of buying doll houses, one can simply make a really beautiful and creative doll house by themselves at their home. Moreover, the materials used to decorate the doll houses have also become really very expensive.

The doll houses that are found in the toy shops are of small size and quite pricy. Diy doll houses are the best solution, for this. From this, one can easily build a doll house as bigger as they want. One of the diy doll house designs can be open and vertical which is simply ideal for small spaces. This design can be placed against the wall which can save space. When it comes to the decoration to this house then, a metallic tape, a decorative paper or a gift wrap with spray paints and a few stickers is all that one needs and with in no time, a beautiful, attractive doll house can be made. Moreover, one can buy different kinds of stuff toys and doll for this diy doll house.

In order to add miniature furniture in a doll house, another diy doll house idea for this is making it like a book shelf. This kind of doll house when made can look super cute with all the facilities. Moreover, for making big doll houses with wide space, three story wooden doll house can be made, which can have rooms for every doll toy. This kind of doll house can be made like a dream house by decorating it with different accessories and furniture. Diy doll houses are the best and easiest item in the house that can make your child happy where she can live her dreams.

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